Explore the planet and beyond with our STEM boxes to loan!

Details about our upcoming STEM Boxes loan scheme for Stirling council primary schools.

The following boxes will be available to loan for a period of 2 weeks. Pickup places are either Stirling or Falkirk FVC campus reception.

Rocket Launch

Bring the Forth Valley College Rocket league into your school. Design, build and launch super light paper rockets to 60 metres and more. This STEM box is suitable for P5-P7 pupils, but can be adapted for younger pupils (will require older pupils/adult helper).

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BBC Microbits

With a class set of micro-bits you can explore the basics of coding and data transfer, and experience with your own eye and ears how this simple processor translates your blocks of code into light, sounds and actions. Step-by-step set-up instructions are included. Recommended for P5-P7 pupils.

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Biological Systems

Being a biologist myself, this STEM box is my favourite. Among others you will explore how diseases spread, see minute creatures and textures around you and explore the parts of our skeleton. This box is suitable for P5-P7 pupils.

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